Read the MIT SMR Connections guide, Migration to Innovation: Developing a Technology Plan to Execute Strategic Priorities, for expert perspectives from Adobe, ADP, Bain and MIT on the issues that enterprise technology leaders must consider as they develop strategies for using technology to unlock innovation in their organizations.

This guide suggests four key steps that business leaders and CIOs/CTOs can take in charting their course:

Step 1: Define your strategic priorities. These are the handful of actions that will have the greatest impact on your business over the next few years. What is changing around you that requires a response? What will drive key results?

Step 2: Find your engines of innovation. Technology and business leaders need to work together to identify the new tools and services that help make it possible to achieve the organization’s top goals.

Step 3: Understand your technology platform needs. Once you have identified the key technologies that can help the enterprise meet its goals, decide what characteristics you most need from platforms and infrastructure.

Step 4: Manage changes to technology and the organization. Adopting the new technology and platforms that help the enterprise achieve its strategic objectives requires top leadership to commit to managing change.

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