Integrating File Services to Power Your Media & Entertainment Workloads


Integrating File Services to Power Your Media & Entertainment Workloads

Broadcast Date:
September 25, 2018

Level 300 | Solutions Best Practices
Media companies, driven by higher resolution and an increasing amount of content due to direct B2C delivery, are looking to cost-effectively leverage cloud compute scalability. Emerging use cases, such as Media Supply Chains, VFX/Animation rendering, and transcoding for OTT streaming, require careful planning when being deployed to the cloud. Shared file storage is an important component critical to the performance and processing of media. AWS provides a variety of highly available, cost-effective file services that can deliver the right performance for the underlying application. This technical session will discuss various cloud storage strategies for different content processing workloads. We will take a deep dive and look at Media Supply Chains (including content transcoding, QC, mastering and packaging), post-production tasks in the cloud, and other Media & Entertainment workloads.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn about the different AWS file storage options with respect to cost, performance, throughput and durability for large-scale distributed processing workloads
• Learn about various AWS file storage options with respect to unique media workloads such as transcoding, QC, and VFX/Animation rendering
• Learn about using AWS file storage services for hybrid workloads for both content repositories in the cloud and processing on-premises or vice versa

Suited For: Developers of Content Applications, Systems Engineers, System Admins, Rendering Experts/Graphics Artists, Executive Decision Makers

Speaker(s): David Green, Enterprise Solutions Architect, AWS

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