Integrating Amazon Elasticsearch with your DevOps Tooling


Integrating Amazon Elasticsearch with your DevOps Tooling

Broadcast Date:
May 21, 2018

Level 300 | Service How To
Organizations monitor metrics and logs to understand how application and infrastructure performance impacts the experience of their product’s end user. With Amazon Elasticsearch Service, it is a fully-managed elasticsearch service that can analyze your log data and help you gain valuable insights about your users and applications. In this tech talk, you will learn how you can easily integrate Amazon Elasticsearch Service into your DevOps tooling and gain valuable insight from your log data.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn how to stream Amazon CloudWatch Logs data into Amazon Elasticsearch Service
• Learn how to configure Kibana to visualize your data
• Learn how to get started with Amazon Elasticsearch Service

Suited For: Developers and DevOps Engineers

Speaker(s): Jon Handler, Principal Solution Architect, AWS

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