Improving Backup & DR – AWS Storage Gateway


Improving Backup & DR – AWS Storage Gateway

Broadcast Date:
January 30, 2018

Level 300 | Service How To
Are you tired of the expense and labor of maintaining backup and DR infrastructure? Join the thousands of IT organizations who rely on AWS for their backup and disaster recovery needs -- many of whom use the AWS Storage Gateway to connect their existing production applications and backup systems to the cloud. This webinar will cover how the AWS Storage Gateway service can help you improve backup and DR outcomes. We will explain and show how you can use the Volume Gateway and EBS Snapshots for data restores or disaster recovery in EC2, and also discuss how to use the File Gateway and Tape Gateway to back up to Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand how AWS Storage Gateway works to enable application recoveries on EC2
• Determine which type of storage gateway makes sense for your different backup and DR needs
• Learn how to connect your applications and backup systems to AWS

Suited For: IT Managers, IT Admins, IT Directors, IT Infrastructure teams

Speaker(s): Paul Reed, Sr. Product Manager, AWS

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