European Public Sector: Using the Cloud to Address the Digital Skills Gap

IDC Research

About the report

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for faster digital transformation at the organisation level, as well as urgent development of civic servants’ digital skills across the public sector. A new report from IDC surveying 250 health, government, and education organisations in seven countries across Europe has now illustrated the data behind this need.

Its findings suggest that the lack of digital and technology skills in particular slows down digital transformation. 70 percent of organisations say they are accelerating their move to cloud to deliver digital services. However, 63 percent say a lack of skills and experience is a barrier for their move to cloud.

Get the full story in the IDC report, European Public Sector: Using the Cloud to Address the Digital Skills Gap. It’s filled with more insights and best practices that you can use to start your own digital skill strategy.

Dive deep into this report to learn about:


Challenges organisations face when it comes to the skilling and upskilling of their workforce


What organisations can do to retain top talent with the right digital skills and a culture of continuous learning


Best practices to develop a holistic and strategic approach to skills development needed for the future

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