Organizations who run Windows workloads on the Amazon Web Services cloud realize significant improvements in performance, efficiency, and security by providing the foundation for new services like CI/CD workflows, a self-service model for software development, and seamless mobile access to applications and data. In this report, IDC dives deeper into the benefits that customers experience while running their Windows workloads on AWS and quantifies their journey through reductions in overall operating costs, increased developer & gross productivity, and five-year return-on-investment (ROI) among many other factors.

Learn how to:

  • Lower the cost of infrastructure by moving away from on-premises setups and more efficiently using infrastructure and application licenses.
  • Improve business results and operate more efficiently by better addressing business opportunities and delivering better performing and timely Windows functionality to employees.
  • Enhance security and reduce the cost of risk by leveraging security-related functionality and reducing the impact of unplanned outages on operations.

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