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How Icelandair Group Leveraged APN Partner IBM & AWS to Streamline Backup Deployments

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Managing backup and recovery systems can be complex, especially with the volume of data being produced by modern businesses. IBM Spectrum ProtectTM  simplifies this process by delivering an intuitive and comprehensive data protection solution that makes it easy to take advantage of the AWS infrastructure. It only takes a few minutes to migrate IBM Spectrum Protect backup storage to Amazon S3. You can deploy IBM Spectrum Protect on AWS to protect cloud-hosted data, or serve as a replicate site for on-premises backups. Built-in performance and efficiency features make it easy to migrate business class backups to the cloud and still meet recovery objectives. By scaling with the data it protects, IBM Spectrum Protect can help you to stay on top of backup and recovery with less complexity and cost.

Icelandair Group, one of the largest companies in Iceland, looked to migrate their mission critical services to AWS, including their backups. Managed service provider, Nyherji helped Icelandair Group execute this plan using IBM Spectrum Protect. With IBM Spectrum Protect, Icelandair Group was able to deploy backups on AWS in a fraction of the time it took using their on-premises infrastructure, while also protecting and recovering business data without any investments in on-premises or recovery center infrastructure. Attend our upcoming webinar with Icelandair, Nyherji, and IBM to learn more.

When: May 9, 2017 | 10am-11am PDT

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How Amazon Partner Network (APN) partner, IBM and AWS enable Icelandair to seamlessly store backups across different geographic regions, and recover data quickly.
  • How IBM Spectrum Protect offers scalable data protection with simplified monitoring, giving you more control and oversight on your backup services
  • How you can efficiently move data to and from AWS, while maintaining business agility and meeting compliance standards

Who should attend:

CIO, IT Director, Systems Administrator

AWS Speakers:  Isaiah Weiner, Sr. Mgr. Solutions Architecture

IBM Speaker: Greg Tevis, Customer Solution Architect

Customer Speaker: Elisabet Halldorsdottir, Director IT Operations, Icelandair