AWS at IBC 2023

SEPTEMBER 15 - 18 | HALL 5 - BOOTH 5.C90

Join the AWS Media & Entertainment team at IBC 2023 and discover how to Create, Deliver, and Monetize your content with secure and reliable cloud solutions. 

AWS for Media & Entertainment

Meet with the AWS M&E team in the booth 5.C90


Join AWS at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam | Sept 15 -18

Meet with the AWS Media and Entertainment Team in Hall 5 - Booth 5.C90, and discover how AWS can help create, deliver and monetize your content with secure and reliable cloud solutions for your customers.

  • See demos for content creation, delivery and monetization
  • Meet AWS for M&E Industry experts
  • Explore AWS for M&E Partner solutions
  • Attend M&E focused learning sessions

AWS IBC stand demonstrations

Content Production

Demonstrating how customers can create, manage, and finish their content in an interconnected and collaborative environment on AWS, the Content Production area of the IBC stand showcases a real-world episodic / promo workflow.

Media Supply Chain & Archive

Business and operational dashboards, workflow orchestration for content preparation and localization, content analysis and metadata enrichment, and content restoration and resolution enhancement will be the central focus of interactive Media Supply Chain & Archive demonstrations at IBC 2023.

Data Science & Analytics

Showcasing the value of building data, analytics, and AI-enabled media workflows in the cloud, twelve demos showcase core AWS for M&E solutions for creating rich descriptive metadata that accelerates content production and video content analysis and summarization.


Interactive demos featuring AWS and AWS Partner solutions illustrate how technologies for M&E can be deployed to increase revenue across viewing platforms; improve cost savings; find and retain audiences; gain insight into the customer journey; and enhance consumer engagement.

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C)

With opportunities for creating, delivering, and managing unique, live and on-demand consumer experiences continuing to evolve, AWS at IBC provides insight into how M&E customers can leverage AWS services and solutions to better tailor content offerings to each consumer.


Live Cloud Production (LCP) and Playout workflows, including the first AWS demo of an LCP system for newsroom production at a major industry event, will also be a stand highlight, among other LCP workflow demos that illustrate how customers running sports-based, regionalized, and custom feed productions use AWS to customize multiple streams for regional distribution and multi-platform delivery.

AWS Showcase Theatre Session, September 16 | Hall 12 (12.A60)
10:00am - 10:45pm Navigating Europe's transition to IP In this session, hear a discussion on the opportunities, challenges, and strategies being deployed by broadcasters in Europe to support their transition from a predominantly linear market to a predominantly IP-based market.
11:00am - 11:30am Generative AI in media and entertainment AI and ML services have been deployed in the media and entertainment industry for decades. Now, generative AI has both captured imaginations and prompted important questions about how these tools will be used. Join a panel of experts for a discussion on generative AI as we attempt to peel back the layers to understand what generative AI is and how it can be used in the media and entertainment industry.
11:45am - 12:15pm Live cloud production with TNT Sports In this session, hear how Warner Bros. Discovery Sports has been migrating their media workflows to gain operational flexibility, have the opportunity to present more data-led stories, and continue to drive deeper audience engagement for TNT Sports.
12:30pm - 01:15pm Edit in the cloud: Shape your facility of the future As editing in the cloud moves past the art of the possible, media organizations are looking at the ROI of editing in the cloud, as well as providing a singular user experience for their creative teams. In this session, explore some of the patterns and anti-patterns for post-production in the cloud. Hear practical tips from experts as they share what they have learned on their journey to the cloud.
01:45pm - 02:15pm Driving business transition through migration to the cloud Many organizations are now migrating their on-premises workloads to the AWS Cloud for improved flexibility, agility, and operational efficiency. In this session, hear stories from influential broadcasters and content owners about lessons learned from their migrations, including what has worked and what has not and what advice they would give to those starting the cloud journey.
02:30pm - 03:15pm Tuned into tomorrow: Software-defined broadcast infrastructure Join Media.Monks, AWS, and NVIDIA in this panel where we explore the foundations of true software-defined broadcast infrastructure and the creative workflows that they enable.
03:30pm - 04:00pm Monetizing data in a privacy-first world using AWS Clean Rooms Broadcasters are custodians of huge volumes of first-party data, and industry leaders are seeking privacy-compliant solutions to unlock more value, improve collaboration with advertisers, enhance the viewer experience by helping measurement providers better understand audiences, and increase the commercial value of broadcast content. This session explores how a leading broadcaster is viewing the current advertising climate as an opportunity to future-proof operations and build a privacy-focused advertising solution using AWS Clean Rooms. Measurement provider Comscore also joins this session to discuss how they are helping broadcasters plan, transact, and measure campaigns in a privacy-safe environment.
04:15pm - 04:45pm Building the Studio of Tomorrow, Today! Amazon Studios has defined the state of the art in cloud production from the cameras on North America’s largest Virtual Production Stage, through post in its brand new 8K capable facility for movies and series. Join us for a panel discussion with Amazon Studios, AWS Media & Entertainment, and partner Teams, as they discuss how Amazon continuously seeks to empower visual storytellers by bringing ease, velocity, and new capabilities through media science, innovation, and invention.


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Join us for AWS Jam, a fun and competitive learning experience with gamified challenges that put your cloud know-how to the test.


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