Hybrid Cloud Storage with AWS Storage Gateway & Amazon S3


Hybrid Cloud Storage with AWS Storage Gateway & Amazon S3

Broadcast Date:
August 29, 2018

Level 200 | Service Deep Dive
If you want to reduce your on-premises storage infrastructure, join this tech talk to learn how you can immediately start using Amazon S3 cloud storage for your on-premises applications through AWS Storage Gateway. After a brief introduction to the service, we’ll get deep into the details of the File Gateway and its new SMB support for Windows-based applications. We’ll cover common hybrid cloud use cases, including backing up to S3, and storing on-premises content files for distribution or in-cloud processing.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn how you can connect your on-premises Windows file-based applications to Amazon S3 using AWS Storage Gateway
• Understand common starter use-cases for hybrid cloud storage
• Learn how you can apply in-cloud AWS services such as machine learning or analytics for on-prem application data

Suited For: IT or Storage Administrators, IT Managers and Directors

Speaker(s): Paul Reed, Principal Product Manager, Storage Gateway, AWS

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