Broadcast Date: October 23, 2018

Level: 300

Today, web developers want to build applications with richer and more personalized content for their customers. This processing is typically done using compute resources at centralized servers, often slowing down the end user experience. In this tech talk, we will explore how Lambda@Edge, an extension of AWS Lambda, enables you to run code at multiple locations worldwide. This helps you to build low latency web applications that can be assembled and delivered closer to your end users. For instance, we will share examples of how you can dynamically personalize the websites based on the end user’s device type, customize the website for search engine optimizations without the need for additional back end resources, or route end users to the most appropriate origin for low latency delivery.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how you can move back end application logic closer to end users
  • Explore specific use cases for web developers
  • Learn about using Amazon CloudFront together with Lambda@Edge

Who Should Attend?

Web Developers, Cloud Developers, CDN Operators, IT Professionals


George John, Product Manager, AWS

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