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Broadcast Date: March 29, 2021

Productivity improvement is critical to long term business success. Connecting your machines to your Industrial IoT applications is paramount for device management, data orchestration, enterprise integration and software component management to achieve optimal productivity. These critical IoT systems management functions enable the simplification of industrial processes by facilitating the connected factory and simplifying digital transformation with intelligent edge and integrated solutions. Join Telit to hear how customers are increasing factory productivity and see a demonstration of how the Telit deviceWISE® for Factory platform enables remote data collection and remediation for connected factory machines.

In this episode, you'll:

  • Learn about AWS qualified partner hardware and AWS IoT edge software offerings that provide a streamlined industrial data collection process.
  • Discover AWS Partner solutions for a wide range of use cases to optimize factory output, improve product quality, maximize asset utilization, and identify equipment maintenance issues.
  • Learn how solutions can be deployed quickly to rapidly realize business value for your Industrial IoT projects.

Who should attend?

Business decision makers including line of business owners and managers, operations and production leaders; Technical decision makers in Engineering, Technology, Product, Architecture; IT professionals engaged with industrial operations