High Performance Computing in the Cloud


High Performance Computing in the Cloud

Broadcast Date:
March 26, 2018

Level 200 | Service Intro
High Performance Computing (HPC) has been driving technology advancements for many decades. HPC enables performance-demanding applications and workloads to solve complex problems while dramatically reducing time to solution. With a history of requiring very large data centers, HPC is now on the edge of a paradigm shift. The AWS Cloud will allow customers to have access to near infinite compute and storage resources, without the overhead of running their own data centers. There are a vast number of HPC segments and verticals that are already seeing great success running their workloads on AWS. Life Sciences, Financial Services, Energy & Geo Sciences, as well as Manufacturing are successfully deploying their applications on AWS. In this webinar, we will discuss how AWS can help you run HPC workloads in the cloud.

Learning Objectives:
• Introduce AWS offerings that are suited for running HPC workloads in the cloud
• Discuss workloads across various HPC industry segments
• Present customer use cases for HPC workloads on AWS

Suited For: HPC Solutions Architects, HPC System Administrators; HPC application vendors and partners; HPC Researchers and Engineers

Speaker(s): Mark Duffield, Principal Solution Architect, AWS

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