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Level: 200

Healthcare organizations strive to cooperatively use data amongst multiple stakeholders, but are challenged to connect and coordinate the exchange of different information systems, devices or applications, within and across organizational boundaries. AWS provides a cloud-enabled platform with modern, scalable architectures and microservices to enable true healthcare data portability. This tech talk will cover how AWS services enable healthcare data interoperability, and can unlock new insights powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to shift from a system-centric to patient-centric care models.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how horizontal scaling through serverless resources supports cloud-enabled interoperability
  • Learn about how customers are deploying FHIR-enabled resources to support their broader organization interoperability networks and exchanges
  • Learn how organizations are coupling AI/ML tools with interoperability frameworks to derive new insights

Who Should Attend?

Line of business and technical professionals in the healthcare and life sciences industry


  • Patrick Combes, Worldwide Technical Lead for Healthcare & Life Sciences, AWS

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