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Level: 300

Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) is a network interface for Amazon EC2 instances that enables customers to run applications requiring high levels of inter-node communications at scale on AWS. At the core of EFA is the Scalable Reliable Datagram (SRD), a transport protocol that incorporates AWS' experience operating extreme workloads at cloud scale - including relaxing in-order packet delivery to actually use complex networks as an advantage. In this tech talk, learn how EFA leverages a message routing strategy that traces multiple best paths through AWS’s global network of servers to enable application scaling.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how EFA is used to scale MPI-based HPC Application
  • Understand how Scalable Reliable Datagram enhances inter-instance communications
  • Learn about applications that can take advantage of EFA and SRD

Who Should Attend?

HPC System Admins, Engineers and Researchers working on scale-up or tightly-couple HPC workloads


  • Brian Barrett, Principal Engineer - HPC, AWS

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