Executive Education Course in Digital Transformation


The Executive Education Course in Digital Transformation equips senior public servants and elected officials with the confidence and expertise they need to transform public services to meet the needs of their citizens.

The course is led by academic and public service leaders who have delivered national-scale technology and business reforms resulting in significant savings and improved public services. We’ve distilled the lessons from years of transformation in the world’s leading digital governments into an intensive, hands-on learning experience. The course is a combination of live interactive sessions and on-demand content that you can consume at your own pace.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is sponsoring this programme as part of an ongoing collaboration with locally and globally renowned academic institutions.

You will learn about:

  • Ways the internet affects public service
  • Why digital transformation is important and inevitable
  • Lessons from leaders with years of experience
  • Delivering cost savings, greater flexibility, and increased affordability of modern user services
  • Leading the delivery of better public services quickly at scale that are secure and resilient
  • Developing a great digital transformation strategy
  • Introducing new ways of working and adopting a culture of innovation
  • Managing or changing your legacy, antiquated technology and policies that may be holding you back
  • Determining how different technologies can support your transformation and separating buzz words from what is most useful
Who should attend:

This course is designed for political or operational leaders in the public sector such as director general, vice minister, agency chief executive, and deputy chief executives.

Between 20 and 65 applicants will be selected 
for each course based on their ability to set the strategic direction of their organisation.

What you can expect:

e use a mix of learning environments to keep the course fresh and engaging. On-demand masterclasses in business and government transformation are punctuated with tech primers and specialist talks.

The course consists of modules that are a combination of live interactive sessions and on-demand content you can consume around your schedule. Live interactive sessions include group working where you’ll apply your learning like using design thinking in transforming a digital service or taking lessons learned from other countries in our digital transformation game. Throughout the course, in addition to live panels and Q&A, you will have access to experts to ask them all of your burning questions about digital transformation. Alumni will have access to the expanded learning as new optional modules are developed over time too.

At the end of the course, each participant will present a plan for transforming a key aspect of their own organisation. They will make pledges to one another that will form the basis of our future support and mentoring programme.

Current Courses:
Brazil, State of Ceará
Brazil, São Paulo
Costa Rica
Energy Sector
European Union
Mexico (multi state)
Mexico (Federal)
New Zealand
South Africa
Southern Latin America (SOLAPS)
United Kingdom

Register your interest:

To apply or nominate a candidate, please reach out to your AWS account manager or indicate your interest by filling out the form on the right-hand side of this page. Up to 65 applications will be selected based on their ability to set the strategic direction of their organisations. 

For any further questions, please email us on [email protected].

Course tuition:

Course tuition is complimentary for participants.

Example of course schedule:

Final schedule will be provided separately.
Module 1: Cloud First and Transformation
5 mins
Kick Off and Introduction
10 mins
45 mins
Transforming Government in a Crisis
15 mins
15 mins
45 mins
Turning to Digital Government
1 hour
Panel Discussion and Closing
45 mins each
Masterclass 1: How the internet has changed everyone’s business
Masterclass 2: How you can adapt government for the internet era
Masterclass 3: Cloud First and transformation
45 mins
Specialist Talk 1: Data Classification
45 mins Specialist Talk 2: Security and Data Sovereignty
Module 2: Simpler, Clearer, Faster Services
15 mins
45 mins
Fireside Chats (local case study)
1 hour
Interactive Session
1 hour Panel Discussion and Closing
On-Demand 45 mins each
Masterclass 4: Introduction to situational awareness and Wardley Mapping
Masterclass 5: What digital culture looks and feels like
Masterclass 6: Design thinking and working backwards from your users
45 mins Specialist Talk 3: Procurement
45 mins Specialist Talk 4: AI/ML
Module 3: The Real Experience of Transformation
15 mins
45 mins
Keynotes and Q&A
1 hour
Interactive Session
Panel Discussion and Closing
45 mins each
Masterclass 7: Digital delivery and ways of working
Masterclass 8: Turning it all into reality – getting started with your transformation 
45 mins
Specialist Talk 5: Tackling your technology legacy
45 mins
Specialist Talk 6: Open data and open source

Register your interest: