Develop your team’s AWS expertise and grow your business

Your customers depend on your team to deliver the right business and technical support to achieve business-critical outcomes. And you can depend on AWS Training and Certification to provide your team with the training resources they need to build and maintain their cloud skills.

AWS Training and Certification enables AWS Partners, like you, to keep pace with constantly evolving technology. Created by experts at AWS, we offer on-demand and instructor-led training so employees can choose to learn in the way that suits them best.

Whether your employees are just starting out, building on existing cloud skills, or sharpening their specific cloud knowledge, AWS Training and Certification can help your team build competence, confidence, and credibility—and help you do it at scale.

Identify cloud skills gaps

The AWS Partner Learning Needs Analysis helps you uncover cloud skills gaps across departments, teams, and individuals, so you can prioritize the most critical development areas and deploy customized learning plans built for your needs.

How it works:


Employees complete an adaptive survey based on your organizational priorities.


An AWS Training and Certification expert analyzes the data and identifies gaps and potential opportunities.


Our expert reviews the findings with you to help you create customized learning plans as part of your AWS training strategy.

serve your customers with essential knowledge of the AWS Cloud

Better serve your customers with essential knowledge of the AWS Cloud

Discover the wide range of benefits AWS Partners experience when investing in AWS Training and Certification for their teams.

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Partner success stories

Deloitte’s transformation in
cloud learning

The Deloitte Cloud Guild is taking professional development in cloud knowledge to the next level for its people. Learn how they are enabling their staff to develop cloud skills as part of a community and build skills for the future.

HPE trains over 1,800 employees on AWS to meet customer needs

Learn how HPE partnered with AWS Training and Certification to train over 1,800 delivery professionals to meet the needs of HPE's customers looking for AWS cloud expertise.

Learn with your team

AWS Business Professional Learning Path

AWS Partner: Sales Accreditation (Business)

Gain a basic understanding of AWS services and core business value propositions.

AWS Technical Professional Learning Path

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Partner Learning Plan

A comprehensive collection of free course aligned to foundational certification.

Partner-Exclusive Training Resources

Partner-Exclusive Training Resources

Explore courses designed to help AWS Partners of all experience levels build cloud skills.

AWS PartnerCast

Explore upcoming live webinars designed exclusively for AWS Partners

AWS PartnerCast

Contact AWS Experts

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