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License Mobility Agreement Verification Form

All customers using License Mobility through Software Assurance to launch BYOL (Bring Your Own License) software (e.g., SQL Server) on Amazon EC2 Windows Server default tenancy instances must complete a license verification process with Microsoft. Each instance that is supporting a BYOL application that is leveraging License Mobility must be covered by a License Mobility Agreement. For further information on when License Mobility is required to deploy on AWS, please see our Licensing FAQ.

If you have not completed the License Mobility process, go to Microsoft's License Mobility Through Software Assurance page and review the sign up process. If you have completed your License Mobility sign up process and have License Mobility Agreements with Microsoft, please provide your License Mobility agreement information below for verification. The information you provide here will be submitted to Microsoft.

If you have more than one License Mobility Agreement with Microsoft to verify, please make multiple submissions, one for each agreement number. Likewise, if you have multiple products to register, please make multiple submissions, once for each product.

If you are unable to acquire or do not have the necessary License Mobility agreement(s) with Microsoft, you may not use License Mobility on AWS and should consider using your BYOL software on a dedicated EC2 offering, or using a License Included offering on Amazon EC2.

The use of Microsoft software is subject to Microsoft's terms. You are responsible for complying with Microsoft licensing.