A Practical Guide to Deploying Cloud-Based Video Services

Deploying cloud-based processing and delivery services for broadcast and multi-screen video



As more video providers move to cloud-based infrastructures, the need for reliable solutions accelerates, just as consumer devices diversify and viewing experiences become more sophisticated.

While each organization has its own priorities driving the change, the business objectives typically fall into three categories: advancing video services capabilities, reducing capital expense and increasing the value of content.

Download The Practical Guide to AWS Media Services and learn about the functions of each individual service, the business objectives served and the challenges addressed. These include...

  • The impact of changing video markets on video providers
  • The demand for more flexible, capable video processing and delivery options
  • How video providers have begun to incorporate cloud-based video services
  • How AWS Media Services can be deployed for discrete workloads or complete, end-to-end video workflows, including:
    • Live events
    • 24x7 live channels
    • Video-on-demand (VOD) services
    • Content personalization and monetization

Whether you’re in the cloud planning, preparation or implementation stages, or are seeking improvements to your current set of solutions, this Practical Guide is for you.

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