Achieving Broadcast-Grade Low Latency in Live Streaming

How to Reduce Live Video Latency Using Cloud Solutions


For a long time, OTT video streams over the internet have been lagging behind broadcast TV and social media by 15-30 seconds if not more. It’s been a frustrating problem for both viewers and content providers. New knowledge, technologies, and practices are making long-standing video latency problems for live streaming a thing of the past.

In this white paper, learn how to optimize your video workflows and achieve broadcast-grade latency using standard protocols and software in production today. Topics include:
  • Defining video latency, why it's important, and how to measure it
  • How current adaptive bitrate technologies affect latency
  • Optimization recommendations, architecture best practices, and player insights
  • Preventative and corrective actions you can make today, plus tech tips for the future
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