Live Video Delivery from the Cloud

The Business Sense and Savings of Using Cloud Infrastructure for Video Applications



A question video content distributors used to ask: How many systems need to be secured, racked, and maintained to process and deliver A, B, and C?

Questions video content distributors ask today: How rapidly should we roll out A-Z? How many channels can we run? How many VOD hours will we provide? Which offerings that resonated with our viewers do we want to pursue next?

The difference between the then and now: Cloud video capabilities, which marry business goals with customer desires and viewer demand.

This paper outlines the ways video providers can capitalize on the advantages live video delivery from the cloud offers. Topics include…

  • Video content sourcing, processing, delivery and monetization
  • Building and managing a live-to-VOD workflow
  • CDN integration, personalization and machine learning
  • Real world use case architecture
  • The future of live TV, and how broadcast can prepare

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