Building Intelligent Video Workflows with Machine Learning

Increase Media Asset Value & Workflow Efficiency with Cloud Solutions


Machine learning is a powerful resource for video providers. How can you use it to create new video workflow efficiencies, improve service offerings, and increase media asset value?

You'll find answers and use cases in this e-book. Examples include:

  • Searchable Video Archives: Automating a time-consuming, manual process
  • Automating Video Captions: Making accessibility and translation requirements an easy lift
  • Video Clip Generation: Getting high-value clips to viewers' screens in near real time
  • Personalization: Increasing engagement through content-aware advertising insertion
  • Analytics & Measurement: Optimizing every part of each video workflow – performance, network resources, monetization results, etc.
  • Copyright Protection & Content Security: Expediting discovery of leaked and misappropriated content



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