Grocery Solutions from AWS that Innovate and Differentiate

How leading food retailers are transforming the industry with innovative technologies

Today’s grocery industry is being reshaped by economics, technology, and a new generation of shoppers with different expectations and behaviors. In this complex market, food retailers have been challenged to deliver on their brand promises while creating competitive differentiation. Leveraging advancements in grocery technology can provide a new and differentiated shopping experience and more cost-effective retail execution practices.

As grocers look for ways to bring better shopping experiences, data insights, and retail execution to their operations, they are taking advantage of industry-specific innovations in areas like machine learning, personalization, digital commerce platforms, smart devices, and more. AWS is enabling these capabilities by delivering cloud-native digital grocery innovations around the world through a combination of:

    • Builder-based cloud capabilities
    • Industry-oriented managed services
    • A network of thousands of partner-provided product and consultancy solutions

Download the ebook “Grocery Solutions that Innovate and Differentiate from AWS” to learn how some of the world’s top grocery retailers, like Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, and Cencosud use AWS and our extensive industry network to support your grocery retail transformation.

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