AWS Wavelength and Verizon 5G Edge – Twitch Series

AWS On-Demand Webinar

Explore how your application can benefit from 5G and Edge Computing

AWS developers can now deploy parts of their application that require ultra-low latency at the edge of 5G networks using the same AWS APIs, tools, and functionality they use today, while seamlessly connecting back to the rest of their application and the full range of cloud services running in an AWS Region. By embedding AWS compute and storage services at the edge of Verizon 5G network, AWS Wavelength enables developers to serve edge computing use cases that require ultra-low latency like machine learning inference at the edge, accelerating video streams at the edge, remote video production at the edge, C-V2X, Internet of Things (IoT), and game streaming

View the Twitch series and meet experts from AWS and Verizon. We will help you determine whether your application can benefit from moving to AWS Wavelength, and if it does, we can help you get started. View the session recordings.

Past Sessions:

  • Getting started with AWS Wavelength and Verizon 5G Edge
  • Fundamentals of Containers on AWS Wavelength   
  • Advanced Architectures on AWS Wavelength 

Learning Objectives:

• Learn how Wavelength Zones provide the same AWS infrastructure, AWS services, APIs, and tools you are familiar with – now as part of Verizon’s 5G Network.
• Learn about typical use cases that can benefit from being deployed on Wavelength Zones.
• Learn best practices in application architecture so that only the most latency sensitive components of your application are deployed on Wavelength Zones.

Who Should Attend:

Innovation teams, Head of R&D, Head of Technology, Head of Engineering, Head of Products (Mobile) Application Developers from ISVs in M&E, Automotive, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Retail industries.

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