Increased innovation:
VMware workloads running on AWS have access to a broad and rich set of over 175+ AWS services including compute, database, analytics, IoT, AI/ML, security, and more.

Simplified operations:
Organizations can easily move applications between your on-premises environments and AWS without having to purchase any new hardware, rewrite applications, or modify your operations.

Reduced costs:
VMware Cloud on AWS enables organizations to optimize the costs of operating a consistent and seamless hybrid IT environment. There is no custom hardware to deploy in your on-premises environment nor need to modify applications to shift to a hybrid cloud mode.

Enhanced availability:
VMware Cloud on AWS helps accelerate migration of VMware vSphere-based workloads to the highly available and scalable AWS Cloud, and take immediate advantage of the scalability, availability, security, and global reach of the AWS Cloud.



"We can spin up new application environments in a few hours instead of more than 30 days because of the automation and infrastructure-as-code model enabled by AWS".

Mark Wang, Senior Director, S&P Global Ratings

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