Wickr: Secure Communication for Teams and Organizations

Wickr: Secure Communication for Teams and Organizations

Complete Security

Don’t rely on insecure corporate platforms or shadow IT programs — enable your team to easily collaborate while remaining fully protected. Wickr protects your data using advanced security protocols. Whether you are messaging, video conferencing, sharing a file, or using any of our other features, your communications are completely secure.


Full Control

Wickr gives you full administrative control over your data, allowing you to take charge of your own security. Control permissions, set expiration timers, define security groups, and ensure that your setup is specifically tailored to your organization. In addition, Wickr comes ready to integrate with services like Active Directory, SSO via OIDC, MDM, and more.



Wickr allows you to secure your communications while remaining compliant with industry regulations. While most working-level communications should never be stored for security purposes, some information must be maintained for FINRA, FRA, e-discovery, auditing purposes, and more. Wickr allows organizations to selectively log communication sessions to a secure customer-defined data store when required.

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