Quantum Computing with AWS

Researchers and Research IT leaders are invited to join the next AWS Education: Research Seminar

Level 200 Webinar

Wednesday, December 8, 2021 | 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET

Session Overview
Quantum computers are machines that process information encoded in objects whose behavior is governed by quantum physics. This nascent technology has the potential to impact how we approach today’s most challenging computational tasks. Recent advances in quantum hardware and software now make this technology accessible beyond a handful of scientific laboratories. Discover Amazon Braket, a fully managed quantum computing service designed to help speed up scientific research and software development for quantum computing, and practical considerations for breaking into this exciting interdisciplinary field.

Tyler Takeshita, PhD, is a quantum solutions architect with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Prior to joining AWS, he was the lead of quantum technology at Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America, a Daimler company. Tyler received his PhD in Chemistry in 2015 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, specializing in theoretical quantum chemistry. He then went on to be a postdoctoral fellow in the College of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley.
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