EbookTelehealth: Scale and Transform Virtual Care in the AWS Cloud

Securely deliver the care needed today, while preparing for the future.

Healthcare providers focused on delivering access to excellent patient care in their communities want to meet patients where they are today, while innovating for the future. Find out how the Amazon Web Services Cloud can lower costs, address your mission, and deliver patient-centric care today, while setting up your hospital for what lies ahead.

Since COVID-19, delivering pre and post clinical care to patients from their homes has become essential to building trust and improving patient experience. Having a plan for telemedicine can improve your hospital’s ability to manage future emergencies, patients, clinicians, and communities. This eBook guides healthcare providers and hospitals seeking virtual care and telemedicine solutions today, while supporting a long-term strategy for the future.

Learn about:

  • Telehealth and virtual care solutions in detail, with relevant cases from all over the world.
  • Benefits for providers, patients, and clinicians, as well as key implementation considerations and how the AWS Cloud addresses them.
  • How your organization can move forward and deliver a better, more efficient, and holistic approach to healthcare meeting patients wherever they are in their journey.

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