Accelerating digitally-enhanced healthcare delivery

Today, healthcare faces unprecedented challenges. COVID-19 has increased the pressure to reduce costs, drive operational efficiencies, and improve population health with an already constrained workforce. In response, providers are leveraging cloud solutions to accelerate the digitization of healthcare enabling them to deliver scalable, integrated care while also ensuring the focus remains on the patient.

In this eBook, you will learn how Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud can help your organization lower costs, address your mission, and deliver better patient-centric care today, while preparing for the future. Read The future of healthcare is now to learn about benefits for providers, patients, and clinicians, as well as, key implementation considerations with relevant examples from around the world, including:

• Cloud transformation and hybrid cloud for healthcare
• Storing, protecting, and optimizing healthcare data in the cloud
• Improving care and outcomes with machine learning
• Building personalized, digitally-enhanced relationships with patients
• Unlocking the potential of healthcare data enabling precision medicine

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