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GitOps Workshop Details

Kubernetes architecture workshop
  • Instructor lead workshop on Kubernetes, EKS, and GitOps
  • Up to 15 students (3 days at customer site)
Production ready reference architecture
  • Collaborative review by Weaveworks and customer architects
  • Establish quick-start deployment on EKS leveraging WKP and GitOps best practices
Weave Kubernetes Subscription
  • Determine solutions
  • 10 subscription entitlements
  • 9/5 support
  • Dedicated slack channel
  • Security updates for the platform
  • Patch updates
  • Supported hotfix patches
  • Prometheus monitoring
Professional Services
  • Follow-up professional services (1 week)
  • Valid for 6 months after initial workshop and architecture review
SRE add-on package
  • Named Technical Account Manager providing single point of contact
  • Quarterly review of ongoing deployment
  • Discount for subscription of additional nodes
Pricing - $50,000
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About the APN Partner

Weaveworks empowers developers and DevOps teams to build better software faster. Weave Kubernetes Platform accelerates cluster delivery and security while introducing proven developer best practices and policy management with GitOps.