Serverless acceleration workshop with Slalom

Accelerate the adoption of serverless technologies to replace your legacy application

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Workshop details

Pre-work – 90 min. Slalom and your organization
  • Discuss serverless workshop desired outcomes
  • Set up developer computers
  • Confirm participant readiness
Preparation – 1 day (Slalom)
  • Identify Target Application / Project (Group Work - Opportunity Identification - Brainstorm)
  • Tailor workshop material for you and align to desired outcomes 
  • Set up lab
Delivery: Day 1 & 2 (Slalom and your organization)
  • Serverless overview and best practices
  • Case study and common architecture
  • Confirm Dev. setup
  • Workshop – Wild Rydes web app. or other
  • Lunch Break
  • SDLC
  • Infrastructure as Code overview
  • Workshop – Slalom Accelerator
  • Summary / Recap
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