Serverless Concepts and MVP Workshop Details

Accelerate your Serverless journey on AWS and discover what it takes to successfully plan and migrate a serverless application in your organization

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Workshop Details

Day 1: Education and Discovery / Audience: All
AM Session (3-4 hours), “Establishing a Baseline & Educating”
  • Discuss current state: AWS Infrastructure (interactive whiteboard session) on networking, database, compute & analytics, and identity management
  • Discuss serverless services & architecture alternative approaches (interactive whiteboard session)
  • Current State: Diving into challenges with existing applications (instructor-led scoping / info gathering)
PM Session (3-4 hours), “Identifying the Low Hanging Fruit”
  • Identify target application / project (group work - opportunity identification - brainstorm)
  • Create mini-project plan for MVP (3-day engagement)

Day 2: Use Case Discovery Workshop / Audience: Tech Delivery, APP SME, DevOps Eng.
AM Session (1-1.5 hours), “Testing the Toolset”
  • MVP / hackathon prep, planning
  • Familiarization w/ toolset & methodology
  • Walkthrough proposed architecture to understand roles of each AWS service
PM Session (1-1.5 hours), “Lab Wrap & Prepping for Coding”
  • Wrap up serverless tool activity. Discuss lessons learned
  • Frame up coding activities for Day 3 & Day 4

Day 3 & Day 4: Rapid Prototype / Audience: Tech Delivery, APP SME, DevOps Engineer
AM Session (1-1.5 hours), “Begin Coding Efforts”
  • Define sprint 1 objectives and milestones (instructor-led lecture)
  • Begin coding (team coding effort w/ Onica support as needed)
PM Session (1-1.5 hours), “Check-Ins & Course Correction”
  • Wrap up daily efforts
  • Define next steps

Day 5: Results & Next Steps / Audience: All
AM Session (2 hours), “Examining the Results / Next Steps”
  • MVP results presentation (Team Discussion)
  • Discuss next steps by selecting 1-3 projects with estimates of costs and ROI
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