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Learn how Mission Cloud Services guides your initiatives through strategic planning, agile execution, and operational excellence.

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Workshop Details

Day 1 

You’ll get hands-on training on how to use specific tools, technologies, processes and frameworks to build modern applications.

  • AWS Basics Boot Camp: Networking, database, infrastructure, compute and analytics
  • Serverless Concepts: Function-as-a-service (FaaS), cost management, auto-scaling, high-availability and durability
  • AWS Serverless Offerings: AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Kinesis, AWS IoT, AWS EventBridge and AWS Step Functions
  • Serverless-specific tooling and best practices on how to overcome common development challenges in adopting modern architectures and cloud native technologies

Day 2

During this ideation and roadmap whiteboarding session, we’ll discuss your use cases and define a pilot project.

  • Identify a target application through a portfolio review
    • Identify candidate applications (new build or modernization)
    • Explore target tools, technologies, reference architectural approaches and processes
    • Define target state outcomes and success metrics
    • Identify roadblocks to success, including political, cultural, technical and process
  • Scope a target pilot application
    • Conduct long range planning session for target application
    • Define high-level project roadmap, milestones and backlog
    • Estimate resources requirements and costs
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Discover secure, scalable solutions that help you achieve your business needs through a combination of AWS services and APN Partners that have attained AWS Competency designations. Based on architectures validated by AWS, you can deploy solutions quickly with AWS Quick Starts and optional Jumpstart consulting offers provided by APN Partners.

About the APN Partner

Mission Cloud Services is a leading AWS Premier Tier Services Partner and Cloud Managed Services Provider. Through its dedicated team of expert cloud operations professionals, cloud analysts, and solutions architects, Mission delivers a comprehensive and differentiated suite of agile cloud services designed to help businesses migrate, manage, modernize and optimize their AWS cloud environments, facilitating continuous improvement and delivery across your entire cloud journey