Digital Medicine 101

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Advance biomedical research and improve patient care with digital therapeutics

Technology is changing how we practice medicine. Sensors and wearables are getting smaller and cheaper, and algorithms are becoming powerful enough to predict medical outcomes. Yet despite rapid advances, healthcare lags behind other industries in truly putting these technologies to use. A major barrier to entry is the cross-disciplinary approach required to create such tools, requiring knowledge from many people across many fields.

This action-oriented webinar will describe in detail how to innovate and advance biomedical research and patient care using digital medicine tools. From foundational ethical principles to machine learning approaches and go-to-market strategies, experts with both engineering and clinical backgrounds will benefit from a cross-disciplinary introduction to the field.


  • Lita Sands, MBA, Moderator, Amazon Web Services, Life Sciences
  • Camille Nebeker, PhD, Associate Professor, UCSD, Director, ReCODE.Health
  • Luca Foschini, PhD, Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist, Evidation Health
  • Justin Williams, CEO & Founder, Noteworth
  • Benjamin Vandendriessche, PhD, CMO, Byteflies, Adjunct Professor, CWRU
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