Whitepaper: Telco Transformation with AWS

With the need for telcos to innovate and disrupt, and new technologies such as software-based networks, edge computing, and the maturing of AI and ML, we considered how we could adapt and extend AWS services and infrastructure to support telco-specific business objectives and workloads.

This paper provides:

  • An insider’s view into AWS’s journey to make our cloud the best foundation for telcos to build upon.
  • Our learnings from working with telco partners and detail how we’ve adapted our cloud to telco workloads while establishing our long-term commitment to the communications industry.

The paper will also highlight trends, challenges and opportunities associated with each focus area and how AWS cloud is helping Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to evolve from Telcos to TechCos.

To learn more, download the whitepaper.

Download whitepaper here