Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential and promise to accelerate innovations across the health ecosystem – from predicting bioactivity in drug discovery to developing more personalized engagements. But there are key requirements that must be considered before getting started, including protecting your data, data hygiene, and maintaining costs.

In this on-demand webinar series, discover how AWS is making it easier for healthcare and life science organizations to get started faster with generative AI.

Learn how you can:

  • Leverage generative AI for key uses cases across the health ecosystem
  • Predict molecular properties with specialized foundation models (FMs)
  • Deploy generative AI powered chatbots to help researchers in clinical trials
  • Customize large language models (LLMs) while protecting proprietary data
  • Define the right level of customization and select the right models
  • Integrate FMs into your existing applications

This level 200 series will dive beyond the fundamentals of Generative AI into specific considerations in creating a LLM. Additionally, the series will highlight real-life applications that have utilized foundational models to accelerate protein engineering and structure-based drug development, provide clinical decision support for more accurate diagnoses, and more.

Discover why nine out of the top 10 biopharma companies use AWS for machine learning and analytics.

Who is this for?

This on-demand webinar series is intended for life science and healthcare technologists, AI researchers, data scientists, and developers and engineers interested in the intersection of AI and healthcare/life sciences. No prior knowledge of Generative AI is required to participate.

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