Breaking free from on-premises constraints to save, grow, and innovate

Enterprises of all industries, sizes, and geographies face a significant challenge as they move to the cloud: what to do with legacy systems? In this report, longtime IDC database analyst Carl Olofson examines why enterprises are moving their database workloads to the cloud and what challenges them the most when making that move.

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In this whitepaper, learn how to:

• Free valuable staff from routine operational tasks, increasing developer and DBA productivity and allowing them to perform more high-value jobs for the enterprise

• Reduce development costs by allowing developers to spin up and shut down test instances at will, paying for only what they use

• Improve efficiency and grow business opportunity by adopting new functionality in areas such as AI/ML, streaming data, edge data management, and data science, which are typically cost-prohibitive on premises

• Potentially improve your ROI and lower the cost of your operations by moving database deployments to Amazon RDS

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