A Guide to Amazon GameLift & Game Servers

Today’s games need to handle spikes in usage, global distribution, and scaling to tens of millions of players anywhere in the world—all at the lowest cost. To give your players the best experience possible—even during peak hours—you need computing resources that can ramp up and down quickly to accommodate fluctuating player usage. AWS Game Tech offers a variety of global game server solutions, including Amazon GameLift, to meet your computing needs with AWS.

Sign up to access our ebook and learn more about Amazon GameLift, AWS Global Accelerator, and other compute services that help you scale game development infrastructure. Since 2016, some of the largest game companies in the world, such as Wargaming, Illfonic, and Ubisoft, trust GameLift to maximize cost savings while scaling their multiplayer experiences.

In this ebook, you will see example reference architectures and use cases to learn how to:

  • Deliver a reliable, low latency player experience
  • Maintain high availability for your players while keeping costs low
  • Scale to meet player demand across the globe by viewing example reference architectures
A Guide to Amazon GameLift & Game Servers ebook

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