Build consumer products for a more intelligent future with FreeRTOS and AWS IoT

In 2012, a connected home was a futuristic attraction at Epcot Center, where tourists marveled at web-enabled smart products such as lights, locks, and cameras. Today, connected consumer products are mainstreamand a booming industry. Analyst firm IDC predicts smart home and wearable products to represent over a third of the market for connected IoT devices by 2025 with 1.4B devices. Most complex connected devices rely on operating systems to manage their hardware, software, and connection to the cloud. And more often than not, that real-time operating system is FreeRTOS.

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  • FreeRTOS can help you accelerate your time to market with intelligent connected devices that operate seamlessly at the edge.
  • AWS IoT services can help you easily build scalable IoT applications that collect, process, analyze, and act on data generated by connected devices.
  • You can manage, monitor, and update your global device fleetwithout having to manage infrastructure. 
  • Customers like Belkin, Traeger Grills, iDevices, Hatch, PetSafe and more quickly built reliable, secure products and the IoT platforms needed to manage them.

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