Learn how to select the optimal database for you

Building modern cloud-based applications often comes with a need for handling widely varying requirements for scale, performance, querying, data management, reliability, and more, which has driven the development of database solutions that can complement the traditional, widely used relational database engine.

In this report, veteran industry analyst Tony Baer from dbInsight explains how organizations no longer need to pick one database and compromise their needs; they can select several databases, built for different optimized use cases, to achieve their business goals. Tony details how all types of businesses, from e-commerce stores to online language apps, are using AWS Database offerings, including Amazon Aurora, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon DocumentDB, and more.

With this paper:

  • Learn how digital transformation, and the growing need for storing and organizing data, have changed the database landscape.
  • Understand how different AWS Database services are optimized to help address business problems.
  • Help plan your organization’s database strategy with case studies from Duolingo, Zulily, Caresyntax, and more.

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