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The CTO Guide to Ecommerce Architectures

People, Process, and Technology

Establishing the right ecommerce architecture is critical to ensuring digital sales channels can support your overall business strategy.

It’s important to continuously reevaluate your ecommerce architecture to verify it reflects changes to your business strategy, emerging consumer trends, and advancements in technology. This paper details the decision process for ecommerce modernization, the tradeoffs and lessons learned, and organizational alignment to help executives conduct a thorough evaluation and implementation of chosen approach.


  • The Four Fundamental Ecommerce Architectures
  • How to Set Up an Effective Ecommerce Tech Organization
  • The Importance of Analytics AI and Machine Learning
  • How to Build, Migrate, and Roll Out
  • Common Mistakes


Matthias Patzak is a Principal Advisor at AWS. Before joining AWS, Matthias was Vice President of IT at AutoScout24 and Chief Digital Officer at Home Shopping Europe. In both companies he introduced lean-agile operational models at scale and lead successful cloud transformations resulting in shorter delivery times and increased business value.

Paul Vassu is a Manager of Solutions Architecture at AWS working with Retail Enterprises. Paul has 20 years of experience in Software Engineering and was Director of Software Engineering at Adidas before joining AWS. There he contributed to the modernization of the ecommerce landscape while driving adoption of agile and DevOps practices.

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