Experience AWS at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo ‘23

AWS joins the global broadband technology and cable media professionals
that will gather at the SCTE® CableTec Expo®

October 16-19, 2023

Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado

Welcome to the next level

See our cloud native partner solutions - built with our partners Ciena, Casa Systems and Harmonic, and join our sessions across the exhibition floor, and a generative AI presentation in the technical theater. More details below.

AWS Partner solutions

Wireline Broadband Cloudification - Ciena vBNG on AWS Cloud

This presentation describes Ciena BNG cloudification – a broadband technology frontier built on vBNG and DBNG. The Ciena BNG cloudification is about running vBNG control plane and vBNG user plane on AWS cloud. It is driven by three use cases identified by Telco customers today:

  1. Managing user plane from cloud,
  2. Disaster Recovery, and
  3. Capacity on Demand. The solution will bring to broadband operators the benefits of
    1. higher BNG resiliency,
    2. dynamic capacity scaling, and
    3. cost saving.

The presentation shows Ciena and AWS’s collaboration in the BNG cloudification design and prototyping on behalf of our common Telco customers.

Find us at the Ciena booth

Casa Systems vBNG Control Plane on AWS Cloud

Casa Systems and AWS are jointly conducting a PoC “Casa vBNG Control Plane on AWS Cloud and Data Plane on Premises.” This solution will benefit the broadband operators with the flexibility of deploying, scaling, and managing vBNG Data Plane instances in different locations or different environments by the central vBNG Control Plane in the cloud. It also brings the potentials of cloud-native services such as CI/CD automation and AI/ML analytics to the operators.

At Casa’s SCTE booth, we’re to demonstrate the Casa vBNG Control Plane on AWS Cloud which manages aCasa vBNG Data Plane on premises. We further explain this demonstration through a presentation.

Find us at the Casa Systems booth

Harmonic CableOS DR with AWS Cloud

To overcome the shortcomings of the traditional DR practices, Harmonic and AWS are jointly developing a CableOS DR solution using AWS Cloud. CableOS is Harmonic’s software-based broadband platform with virtualized Cable Module Termination System (vCMTS), virtualized Broadband Network Gateway (vBNG), and virtualized Optical Line Terminal (vOLT). The CableOS has been used by several major broadband service operators including Comcast, Charter, Vodafone, and Rogers. By leveraging the economies of cloud scale, cloud elasticity, and cloud Pay-as-You Go service model, the AWS-based CableOS DR solution will help operator reduce their CapEx spendings and increase DR operation efficiency.

This presentation describes the motivation, concept, and high-level architecture of Harmonic’s AWS-based CableOS DR solution.

Find us at the Harmonic Booth

Agenda Sessions

Realizing the potential of generative AI for the Cable Industry, with Altman Solon

4:15PM - 5:00PM MDT | Tuesday, 17 October | Technical Training Theater (T3)

Generative AI represents a major advancement in artificial intelligence that can transform service provider businesses – from customer engagement and user experience to network operations, field support, finance, content discovery, product marketing, and coding. In this session, we will share insights from a new global telecom and cable market study, and discuss topics like foundation models, fine-tuning, and how to leverage private data, while maintaining privacy and responsible AI practices. With real-world examples, we will demonstrate how cable companies can use generative AI to optimize customer interactions, streamline network planning and operations, and offer ultrapersonalized experiences – all with complete control and protection of sensitive data. This session will provide valuable insights for cable operators looking to harness the immense potential of this technology to drive improvements across multiple domains and transform their business for the future.

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Dr. Jennifer Andreoli-Fang, Senior Manager Solutions Architecture - AWS

Converging User Planes in Modern Networks

2:00PM - 3:15PM MDT | Wednesday, 18 October | Room 103

Many modern networks are built with control and user plane separation, commonly known as CUPS. Yet, DOCSIS networks has not defined and benefited from CUPS architecture. In this session, we will share insights on why DOCSIS CUPS is useful in business and operations. We will discuss how to implement it. With CUPS as the foundation, we will unveil a brand new "Generic User Plane" - we call it "GUP", that converges user planes from access networks like DOCSIS, PON, 5G, and federated Wi-Fi. GUP represents a pragmatic approach to convergence. We will discuss implementation details to economically scale the user plane from gigabits to terabits and petabits of data throughput. Convergence may not be an all-or-none proposal. It may be just one step at a time, and the data/user plane looks to be one of the first steps.

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Dr. Jennifer Andreoli-Fang, Senior Manager Solutions Architecture - AWS

Private 5G Networks: Operator Lessons Learned

3:45PM - 5:00PM MDT | Wednesday, 18 October | Room 111

Private wireless represents an important use case for cloud edge computing. In this session, AWS teams up with Charter Communications to present an overview of private 5G and dive deep into Charter labs' undertaking of building industrial worker safety applications that utilize a hybrid environment. Rogers Communications authors also join the session to present use cases in mining and public safety. Get ready for an engaging set of case studies and trials from operators deploying and piloting private 5G networks.

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Dr. Jim Huang, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS Telco Business Unit

Disaster Recovery and Resiliency for Fiber Networks

8:00AM - 9:15AM MDT | Thursday, 19 October | Room 103

Jim Huang with AWS Telco Business Unit, in collaboration with Ciena, provides a blueprint for this process using realworld scenarios. You will learn how cloud technology can be used to make vBNG even better, with improved reliability and the ability to handle more users.

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Panel Discussion & Happy Hour

5:30pm-7:00pm | Tuesday, 17 October | Slalom Denver, 1899 Wynkoop Street Denver, CO 80202

Join Slalom, AWS, and Synamedia for a panel discussion on public vs. private cloud followed by happy hour with fellow executives in the cable industry.

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