OSDU™: Proof of Concept for Geophysical Insights' Paradise® AI Workbench

The Paradise® AI Workbench for Seismic Interpretation

With the assistance of AWS and Pariveda Geophysical Insights was quickly able to search the OSDU™ database, retrieve data, operate on the retrieved data and return the final result back to the OSDU database via a common API in an AWS cloud environment.

Geophysical Insights’ AI Workbench, Paradise, is a complete suite of AI/ML based geoscience applications targeting the seismic interpretation market. The workbench applications can run independently but there is significant uplift when orchestrated together.

As customers migrate to the OSDU architecture, Geophysical Insights will be there, ensuring Paradise is ready for the new cloud based environment.

*OSDU is a trademark of The Open Group.

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