AWS Innovation in Energy Q2 Webinar

Webinar Abstract

In this webinar, you will discover the latest AWS technology advances from our leaders and how customers have leveraged these technologies to help build successful business practices and solutions.

Topics include

  • Key technology highlights from reMARS 2022
  • Three Energy solution launches and customer case studies
    1. Connected Field Work
    2. Equipment Health & Maintenance
    3. Production Optimization
  • What’s next for the 12 startups launched at the Clean Energy Accelerator 2.0
  • Demonstration: Activating the Connected Worker for Emissions Surveillance
    1. See how to easily integrate to IoT sensors, both stationary and wearable, with AWS IoT
    2. Take action on events (gas leaks, emissions, device failures etc.) in real-time with automated workflows
    3. Feed sensor data into data lakes and data twins for analytics


Joseph Santamaria, Director Solution Architect, Energy AWS

Daisy Chen, Global Head of Downstream Energy Solutions AWS

Liz Karam, Head of Production Operations Solutions, Energy AWS  

Hassane Kassouf, Head of Innovation Programs, Energy AWS

Constantine Vavourakis, Solution Architect, Energy AWS

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