AWS Proof of Concept Program

AWS Proof of Concept Program

Your next project just got easier with $1,000 in AWS credits

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Leverage $1,000 In Credits to Get Started with AWS

The AWS Proof of Concept Program provides organizations with $1,000 in AWS credits and a complementary architecture review session to help get started with the cloud. Enjoy a risk-free introduction to AWS and discover how the platform can help you meet your business and IT requirements.


To apply, please review the application criteria below:

  • New to AWS
  • Have not previously received credits from AWS
  • Have an active AWS Account. If you do not have an account, you can create one here
  • Reseller accounts and partner accounts do not qualify
  • Provide a company website or web profile
  • You must provide a detailed and sufficient business case and proof of concept to test using the credits
How you spend your $1,000 credits is up to you. Here are a few ideas: Amazon S3 usage for cloud storage, Amazon Redshift for data warehousing, Amazon Quicksight for analytics, Data transfer Services, any EC2 compute power needed to process data.

 Application Process

     Step 1

 1. Fill out the form and apply for $1,000 in AWS credits

     Step 2

 2. Your application is processed within a few days

     Step 3

 3. Receive your notification on credit approval

     Step 4

 4. Your $1,000 credits are applied directly to your account

     Step 5

 5. Get started testing out your proof of concept on AWS

 Featured Customers


“We knew that by using AWS, we could maintain a quality user experience even if we grew exponentially. AWS enables small companies like ours to enjoy a backend system of the same quality that billion-dollar companies have.”
— John Santo, Chief Technology Officer, Echelon

“We’re a small-to-medium-size business, and to have AWS provide us with this much support on our migration journey was fantastic. This fostered a lot of trust, and we will definitely use any services that AWS offers in the future to support our continued growth.”
— Sri Ramachandran, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Somos

Pick Meal Up

“AWS credits have enabled Pick Meal Up to go live quickly with a scalable and efficient infrastructure. The credits have given us the ability to test many of the AWS products, helping us choose the best and fastest solutions to support the business. And all while reducing IT costs. We are very happy to have had this opportunity and look forward to growing together with AWS.”
— Marco Vitalo, Co-founder, Pick Meal Up

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