Introducing: The AWS Data-Driven Everything Program (D2E)

       The potential to create new outcomes through a digital transformation using database, analytics, AI and ML is within the reach of all enterprises. Historically, customers have struggled with these transformations and often face challenges such as understanding “what great looks like,” data privacy, security, compliance, and creating a data-driven culture.

       With the introduction of the AWS Data-Driven Everything program (D2E), AWS will partner with our customers to move faster and with greater precision using a work-backwards approach to address people, process, and technology-related considerations. The program will leverage specific use cases to jump-start your data flywheel to create value-based outcomes throughout the entire process of building a data platform.

Explore AWS D2E Customer Case Studies and Resources

When Discovery Sports had an idea for a new championship, they began with an AWS D2E workshop to work backwards from the customer to prioritize the most compelling data features that would create an immersive race experience for the championship launch.

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Quantiphi logo"With AWS D2E, our customers accelerate their ability to think big, start small, and scale fast for each new use case driving insights with data. We continue to advocate for a data-first strategy and AWS D2E is a key component of our approach.”

-Jim Keller, AWS Global Leader | Quantiphi

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Beauty Bay logo

AWS D2E and Beauty Bay partnered together to unlock insight across customers, products, inventory, and sales. Beauty Bay delivered an MVP in 8 weeks from ideation to deployment. The product line allowed the business to increase customer engagement and sales value.

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Bardavon logo

“D2E not only provided a well thought-out long-term vision using the working backwards methodology, but also recommended a fast, practical way for us to take our first steps in the journey leveraging data and analytics in the cloud."

-Matt Condon, CEO | Bardavon Health Innovations

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Lumeris logo
"Lumeris partnered with AWS to leverage the D2E Framework coupled with Amazon’s unique Working Backwards model to deliver innovative, cost effective, reliable, and secure solutions for the consumption and acceleration of our business outcomes."

-Vinesh Kolpe, VP of Technology | Lumeris

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International Myeloma Foundation logo
"The AWS data strategy program of Data-Driven Everything (D2E) was integral in envisioning the ways we could use data for Myeloma patient care and create pathways to get there. The working-backwards process was thorough and efficient, considered multiple viewpoints of the patient and caregiver communities, and designed an optimal solution in both the business and technology aspects. I commend AWS for the collaboration and their customer focus on driving extraordinary outcomes with data."

-Yelak Biru, President and CEO | International Myeloma Foundation

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Keynote: Reinventing Your Business with Data

Rahul Pathak, Vice President of Analytics at Amazon Web Services

Creating a Data-Driven Culture (Level 100)

Ishit Vachhrajani, Enterprise Strategist at Amazon Web Services

Building a Modern Data Strategy - People & Process Considerations (Level 100)

Amy McNee, Head of WW Analytics Platform Strategy at Amazon Web Services

Modern Data Community (Level 200)

Steve Cooper, Head: Data & Analytics Programs at Amazon Web Services

Modern Data Architecture on AWS to Support Complex Business Requirements (Level 200)

Ian Meyers, Director, Product Management at Amazon Web Services

Zach Mitchell, Sr. Big Data Architect at Amazon Web Services

White paper: The Data-Driven Organization

Best practices and examples based on our experience with companies who are becoming data-driven

AWS re:Invent 2018: Transforming Consumer Banking with a 100% Cloud-Based Bank

AWS re:Invent 2018: How Vanguard and Bloomberg Use AWS PrivateLink

AWS re:Invent 2018: Moving to DevOps the Amazon Way

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The Modern Data Community

Build a modern data community for your business to innovate at scale with data.

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Innovating with Data for Retailers

Sustain innovation and differentiation by harnessing the power of data.

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Solution workflow

Personalize cross-channel customer experiences with Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Personalize, and Twilio Segment.

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Data flywheel

Download this one page overview on the D2E program, benefits and deliverables.

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AWS Immersion Days

Build an end-to-end solution for Customer Sentiment Analysis during an AWS Immersion Day.

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The Data-Driven Organization

Best practices and examples from our experiences with companies that are becoming data-driven.

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Virtual event

Hear from AWS experts and access resources on how to build a data-driven organization.

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Executive Insights

Gain insights from leaders of successful data-driven organizations.

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Ready to jump-start your data flywheel?

Contact your account manager today for more information on how to become nominated for the D2E program.

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