Mining Intelligent Insights with Machine Learning in Financial Services

We invite you to use this ebook as you leverage machine learning to make a real impact on your business. In today's rapidly changing environment, banks are using AI/ML tools to enhance customer experiences through chatbots and customized product recommendations; capital markets firms are optimizing investment portfolios by mining alternative data sets and improving business operations by streamlining document reviews; insurance companies are able to better assess risk and offer personalized quotes while streamlining the claims process; and payments companies are enhancing their fraud prevention algorithms.

This ebook provides business executives with a framework to leverage AI/ML for a competitive edge, including:

  • Examples of AI/ML success stories within the financial services sector
  • AWS portfolio of services to guide your developers – from the most to the least technical solutions – in implementing AI/ML to solve your business problems
  • Tools and key resources from AWS to help you get started on your AI/ML cloud journey

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