Contact center modernization for Consumer Product companies

The past year significantly reshaped consumer shopping behaviors, spending habits, and brand preferences. The rapid consumer adoption of ecommerce, curbside pickup, delivery, and drive-through services changed the nature of shopping and brand relationships. On top of all of these changes, new Millennial and Gen Z shoppers expect to build relationships with the brands they love and expect a personalized and immediate response.

Beyond improving direct relationships with consumers, Consumer Products companies need to expand into new markets to drive growth. Up to 50% of revenue growth in the next decade may come from Asia, Latin America, eastern Europe, Africa, and even some parts of rural North America.

But how do companies do this at scale? Companies need to replace manual selling processes with technology enabled self-serve portals, chatbots, and contact centers to unify the shopping and support experience while keeping costs down. This digital approach can protect margins while improving the consumer experience, lower churn and lead to increased revenue through brand loyalty. With Amazon Connect, brands can quickly launch modern contact center capabilities at scale with little capital investment.

Download this ebook to learn how Amazon Connect can offer Consumer Products companies a low-risk way to test profitability of the Direct-to-Consumer model in new markets and roll out a digital route to market strategy in emerging markets.

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