Using data for law enforcement to inform decisions and improve outcomes for constituents
Air date: Wednesday, May 11, 2022

A new age of emergency response for law enforcement is emerging. Rich data is being collected at an unprecedented rate given the development of 5G and an ever-growing number of cloud-connected devices.
In this on-demand webinar, an expert panel examines how law enforcement is adapting to this hyper-connected environment to make better-informed decisions, create a standard of data-fueled emergency response and ultimately improve outcomes for constituents.

Learning objectives
  • New ways data is being collected and used by law enforcement agencies
  • Best practices for maximizing available data
  • A look into the available technologies that can help you maximize the new age of data-fueled emergency response

Who should attend
  • Chiefs
  • Sergeants
  • Field Training Officers
  • City Managers/Mayors
  • Information Technology Officers
  • Independent software vendors in the Justice and Public Safety (JPS) space

About the partners
Fusus is the most widely used & trusted Real-Time Crime Center platform in United States (US) Law Enforcement. The Vitals App is the only real-time digital medical ID designed to alert first responders and 911 dispatchers with the exact personal information needed to assist a vulnerable person in a crisis, calmly and with compassion.

R2 Network
The R2 Network is a nationwide public safety network that connects first responders and leading technology. The R2 Network is made possible is made possible through a cooperative agreement with the US Economic Development Administration, First Responder Network Authority, and NIST Public Safety Communications Division using Federal funds under award ED20HDQ0200001 innovators.


Scott Howland, Chief Product Officer at Fūsus

Scott holds a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership and a Master of Business Administration from the University of La Verne and a Bachelor of Arts in Radio and Television Production from San Francisco State University. He spent four years in the television news industry before joining the California Highway Patrol (CHP). During his thirty year career with the CHP, Scott served in multiple roles including Chief Information Officer. His prior assignments have included overseeing statewide community outreach and media relations and serving as the CHP’s legislative liaison.
Janeé Harteau, Chief Executive Officer & Founder of VitalsAware

Janeé serves as the Chief Executive officer and Founder of VtialsAware, a company dedicated to helping communities protect the most vulnerable children and adults, in the moments when seconds count and minutes matter. Chief Harteau (retired) was Minneapolis’ 52nd Police Chief and the first female chief in the city’s history. She initiated Minneapolish Police Department 2.0 immediately after becoming chief, systematically changing accountability and transparency within the Department, while maximizing officer performance and advancement.
Bryce Stirton, Program Director at R2 Network

Bryce is Co-founder and President at Responder Corp and Program Director for the R2 Network. Responder Corp is a venture capital firm dedicated to supporting life-saving technology for the public safety industry. Responder invests through its Ventures division and builds and manages innovation programs through its Labs division. Responder's portfolio includes over 50 leading first responder technologies. In addition to overseeing Responder Corp's venture and lab activities, Bryce is Program Director for the R2 Network, an innovation program built in partnership with the Department of Commerce to support response and resiliency innovation. Bryce is a recipient of the GovTech Top 25 Doers, Dreamers & Drivers Award, an active Team Rubicon volunteer, and a graduate of Texas Christian University with degrees in Economics and Finance.
Rogerick Green Sr., Pasco County Sherriff's Department, Directory of Community Engagement and Senior Director of Forensic Institute for Research & Tactical (F.I.R.S.T)

Rogerick is a Community and Corporate Engagement Specialist with extensive experience in Business and Program Development. His partnerships include academic institutions, community-based health organizations, social service organizations, corporate leadership, and athletic organizations. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Rogerick has a passion for people and diligently serves by providing leadership to meet the mark of the mission. He is a current Foundation Board Member of Pasco Hernando State College and a Board member of the St. Leo University-Mel Greene Foundation Human Trafficking Board. He is a retired NFL Professional Athlete with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jacksonville Jaguars—5 years.
Matt Melton, Senior Business Development Leader at AWS

Matt is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and served as a naval intelligence officer. Since leaving active duty in 2012, Matt has been focused on bringing innovation into the law enforcement and public safety communities. After working at multiple startups in the law enforcement space, Matt joined AWS in January 2018, where he focuses on working with agencies and technology companies to solve critical problems facing the public safety community.

About AWS Marketplace
AWS Marketplace is a digital software catalog that makes it easy to find, try, buy, deploy, and manage the software that runs on AWS. AWS Marketplace offers a broad and deep selection of security solutions offered by hundreds of independent software vendors, spanning infrastructure security, logging and monitoring, identity and access control, data protection, and more. These products can be integrated with AWS Services and other existing technologies, enabling you to deploy a comprehensive security architecture across your AWS and on-premises environments.

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