AWS Energy Partner Webinar - Fugro

Solving the Geo-data Management Challenge for Offshore Wind Development

In this webinar you will learn how global Geo-data specialist Fugro is helping advance offshore wind projects with the life-cycle solution for Geo-data management, Gaia.Hub. During this webinar, you will also hear from Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind, who have worked with Fugro to implement Gaia.Hub, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), who have partnered with Fugro enabling clients to leverage AWS cloud technology for fast, secure access to large-scale Fugro Geo-data. You will learn about:

  • The magnitude of Geo-data challenges faced by offshore wind developers
  • How Fugro’s Gaia.Hub platform addresses these Geo-data challenges
  • What can digitalisation mean for offshore wind?
  • How can access to Gaia.Hub solve problems for regulators?

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