CERA Week 2022

AWS are proud sponsors of CERA week 2022. Watch the AWS sessions on demand videos to learn more about how AWS is helping leading energy customers reinvent the industry through the transformation of complex business and operational systems while accelerating the transition to a more sustainable energy future.

AWS CERA Week videos on demand

Voices of Innovation

Kara Hurst, Vice President, Worldwide Sustainability at Amazon

A one on one candid conversation with Atul Arya from S&P Global, including Kara’s personal journey to sustainability, the need for partnership and collaboration for sustainability, as well as ‘Further and Faster’ together at Amazon and the North star that is The Climate Pledge Fund.

Quantum Computing: Addressing the climate imperative

Bill Vass, Vice President of Engineering at AWS

From trucks to ships, freight transport runs on diesel. State, national, and International Maritime Organization (IMO) rules require companies to phase out this ubiquitous and useful fuel. What will replace it? Can hydrogen be the next diesel?

Digitalization: Evolution or revolution?

Arno Van Den Haak, Head, Worldwide Business Development Energy at AWS

New advancements in digitalization are disrupting the way businesses have been run for decades. Companies are achieving progress in their daily operations through increased reliance on digitalization. How is digitalization streamlining businesses and empowering them to better track and grow their assets? Is there a downside to the digitalization disruption?

Fireside Chat with Adam Selipsky

Adam Selipsky, CEO at AWS with Daniel Yergin, Vice Chairman, S&P Global

Adam joined Daniel Yergin among the technology and innovation speakers at CERAWeek. Adam discusses the convergence of technology and how it is helping the industry transform, innovate and accelerate the energy transition and included practical examples of pathfinding innovation from industry leaders today.

“How innovation will reinvent the energy industry”

Arno Van Den Haak, Head, Worldwide Business Development Energy at AWS

In this session Arno discussed with transformation looks like at AWS from core operations to build the energy system of the future. Practical examples of pathfinding AWS builders transforming, innovating and accelerating today and reimagining the energy world of the future.


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